Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye." 



graph·ic de·sign

/ɡrafik dəˈzīn/

the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.

Featured Work

  • Typography . . . it's easy as A, B, C!

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/DRAWING MEDIA: Typography - Students showcase their creative and technical abilities by designing their own typography.

  • Advice from a . . .  banana?

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/DRAWING MEDIA: Graphic Design Layout - Students work with type, drawings & images to convey unique and encouraging messages.

  • Getting Series about your Art?

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR: Commercialization of Art - Students create two designs that evolve from a single concept as a means of repeating their ideas for commercial use.

Magazine Designer

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/IN-DESIGN: Art that Reaches the Masses - Students become entrepreneurs and design the cover and a two-page spread for a magazine they create or remake. Students also produce content for their magazine in the form of an article, a review section, a top 10 list or some other content of interest for their magazine.

Website Designer

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/IN-DESIGN: Design with a purpose - Students design the homepage and two sub pages for a website of their choosing. Logo, navigation, headline, photos, text/content, footer.

Branding (Food Truck /Logo, Wrap & Menu)

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR: Commercial Design & Branding - Students go into business with a Food Truck.  After determining the food they will serve, they will create a strong logo and unifying look for their business.



a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of text designed for integration in print.

Featured Work

  • Welcome toDoodling 101 

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/DRAWING MEDIA: Doodling - Students create simple drawings that either have concrete representational meaning or are composed of random and abstract lines.

  • Mixed Media Illustration

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/DRAWING MEDIA: Mixed Media Illustration - Students create a unique combination of ideas by combining hand illustration with digital techniques such as digital painting, vector art, photomanipulation, or other digital techniques.

  • Seeing the World Close-up

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR: Creating Art that is Close-up and Detailed - Students were asked to use their talents and digital skills to create an illustration of an object as seen through a microscope. Eyes are definitely the window to the soul.

Creating a Hidden World

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/DRAWING MEDIA: Creating a World of our Own - Students were asked to create two fantasy characters or the world in which their two characters would live. In addition they wrote stories about their worlds and the fantasy characters that live in those worlds.  Amazing creativity.