Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye." 



graph·ic de·sign

/ɡrafik dəˈzīn/

the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.

Featured Work

  • Typography . . . it's easy as A, B, C!

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/DRAWING MEDIA: Typography - Students showcase their creative and technical abilities by designing their own typography.

  • Advice from a . . .  banana?

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/DRAWING MEDIA: Graphic Design Layout - Students work with type, drawings & images to convey unique and encouraging messages.

  • Getting Series about your Art?

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR: Commercialization of Art - Students create two designs that evolve from a single concept as a means of repeating their ideas for commercial use.

Magazine Designer

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/IN-DESIGN: Art that Reaches the Masses - Students become entrepreneurs and design the cover and a two-page spread for a magazine they create or remake. Students also produce content for their magazine in the form of an article, a review section, a top 10 list or some other content of interest for their magazine.

Website Designer

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR/IN-DESIGN: Design with a purpose - Students design the homepage and two sub pages for a website of their choosing. Logo, navigation, headline, photos, text/content, footer.

Branding (Food Truck /Logo, Wrap & Menu)

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR: Commercial Design & Branding - Students go into business with a Food Truck.  After determining the food they will serve, they will create a strong logo and unifying look for their business.

2022 Calendar Design

PHOTOSHOP/ILLUSTRATOR: 2022 Calendar Design - Students created beautiful and inspiring calendars for the new year using Adobe programs. 



a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of text designed for integration in print.

Featured Work