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Work for a cause. Live to express.
Don't strive to make your presence noticed,
but make your absence felt."

Unknown Author

Art is an expression of what it means to be human. Art can foster understanding between opposing sides. Difficult times require a way to express what can't be explained. Art documents events as they are happening. Art gives us something to remember when it's easy to forget.


"Mahsa Amini was the spark for the protests in Iran. She was killed by the morality police before they covered up her death by claiming she had an illness. Protests are happening in the wake of her murder. Countless images of protest signs are being carried by the people. Protest signs include Mahsa Amini’s name, her photograph, and her story. Many women were wearing hijabs, cutting their hair, and burning their hijabs in protest. 
What is happening to women in Iran is terrible. Mahsa was brutally beaten to death on an otherwise regular day for not wearing her hijab correctly. If this act was not terrible enough on its own, her killers proceeded to cover up her death. The morality police said she died from an illness or a heart attack before burying her body to hide what they did. Mahsa’s parents did not want her to be buried yet, they had wanted to see their daughter, and her killers took that right away from them. The morality police didn't just kill Mahsa, but they destroyed her family's hearts. The protests in Iran are only causing more deaths in Mahsa’s wake. As more and more women act out against the hijab laws, more and more stand out against these laws. More deaths will occur. I support the protests, but I fear the protests will not be enough." Jordyn Welch, gr. 11 Fall /2022

2022 - The YEAR IN ART / 3.14.23
As artists, we look at the world, we focus on issues that concern us, we research what we observe, we form opinions based on what we learn and our own values, and we ultimately make judgments. Art gives us an outlet for expressing those views. We may not have solutions to the issues that concern us, but we can bring awareness to those issues. Digital media allows us to express our views creatively using illlustration, text, symbols and graphics.

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