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Interactive Media is a Wicomico County CTE Program with classes held at Wicomico High School.  Interactive Media students work on 27" iMacs and use Wacom Cintiq Tablets as they learn industry standard software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Animate, and Premiere Pro. Students produce photos, visual graphics, animations, graphic design, digital illustrations, videos productions, voice-over productions, printed merchandise like buttons, t-shirts, prints, tumblers and more, as well as design websites and personal portfolios.  Check out our gallery links below to see samples of student work. Many of our students produce logos, posters and other digital graphic design materials for members of the school community and the Wicomico  County community at large. If you are interested in working with one of our students, please contact me today at  

CTE Interactive Media Capstone students are currently working on their portfolios, but also offering both their prints (for sale) and their services (for service hours and client experience.) If you would like to take advantage of their incredible talent and help support their opportunity for career growth, please reach out to me today.  We currently have six students who each specialize in different areas.  If you have an idea for a project, contact  me at
Check out current student websites below.

Meow Mobile Agency Artwork | Logo by Ashton Sweeney | Poster Illustration by Jordyn (Eli) Welch

Capstone - Level 4 / Students work on Portfolio and Client Projects. See their work here and on their personal websites.


Intro to Animation
Adobe Animate
IMD 1 - Level 2

Full Media Animations including Voice Over, Sound, and Storytelling
IMD 1 & 2 - Levels 2 & 3


Animated Logos
Adobe Animate
IMD 2 - Level 3