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Art for a Cause

What inspires us?

Our work is inspired by our compassion for others, our desire to effect change in the world, and our passion for all that is creative and beautiful.

Interactive Media students create art to promote well-being in others.

Maui Relief
In August 2023, a devastating wildfire swept across West Maui, destroying the historical town of Lahaina and displacing thousands of local residents.  Many American lives were lost in this terrible tragedy. In response to this disaster, Interactive Media students levels 1 and 3 used their talents to create beautiful art to raise awareness as well as funds for the people of Maui. Months after the tragic Hawaii wildfires, the Amerian Red Cross continues to work 24/7 with partners to make sure people have the support they need. Financial donations they receive are being used to provide hotel lodgings, food, emotional support and cash assistance to Maui residents.  Please consider supporting this worthy cause.  All prints are 16" x 20" and proceeds will be given to The American Red Cross of Hawaii.  


Proceeds from the sale of these prints will go to the American Red Cross of Hawaii. 6% Maryland Sales Tax is included in print cost.

To read about their efforts, please go to the
Red Cross site.

Maui Fundraiser

To place your order, go to Add to Cart button above to access product code then go to PURCHASE HERE form.  This form is also in the footer of this website. Please include the product code when ordering.  We currently do not accept online payments, only cash and checks, but we may include in the future.
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