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What we are doing is reinventing education. This is not and never was a 7:30 to 3:00 endeavor."


1.  Who are you ? Students createdPersonal Collages using Google Slides.  

Google Slide functions and options.  In addition to learning basic functions of Google Classroom and Google Slides, students were introduced to photo resource websites.

2. Hands down . . . generating ideas is best on paper.

The best ideas begin with simple tools like pencil, paper, pen, and other art tools.

3. Photo Transformation....let's learn the adjustments.

Ps - Students are introduced to Photoshop virtually using a system called Remote PC. This first assignment takes things slow as students adjust to the Remote PC system and begin to learn the Photoshop Interface. For this assignment, students learn about and experiment with adjustments which include brightness/contrast, levels, curves, exposure, vibrance, hue/saturation, color balance, black & white, photo filters, channel mixer, color lookup, invert, posterize, threshold adjustment, selective color, and gradient maps.  Every student started with the same photo but ended with something one of a kind.

4. Tis the season . . . winter photo makeovers.